• World Is Crazier and More of It Than We Think

    by Tim Upperton     “Celia, Celia, Celia shits!”                 – Jonathan Swift, “The Lady’s Dressing Room”   I got something banned yesterday. Someone on Facebook, whose friendship request I’d unguardedly accepted, tagged me, as well as many others, in a post. The post featured a still from a linked […]

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  • On Purpose: A Talk Delivered at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival 2015

    by Eleanor Catton   Reading is a creative act: it cannot happen automatically, and it cannot happen passively. Whether you are reading an academic argument or a poem, whether you are reading a dream or an appetite or tracks in the snow, you are using your imagination in the sense that you are seeing something more […]

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  • Abandon Normal Instruments: A Call for Change in New Zealand Literary Arts

    by Kirsten McDougall   In 2015 the public face of the literary arts in Aotearoa is in a sad state, a worn discarded toy that many people have forgotten how to play with. Publishers here and internationally have been caught like a possum in headlights by the dramatic changes to the industry and society at […]

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  • Write for us!

    Are you a NZ writer or critic? Would you like to write editorials or reviews for this site? We are looking for intelligent, thoughtful work that has not been published elsewhere. Editorials may be on any subject pertaining to writing and reading culture in New Zealand, whether aesthetic or social. Reviews may be of any New Zealand […]

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