Jessica ‘Coco’ Hansell’s Reading List

  • Many titles on this reading list were sourced from the ‘Opportunity for Animals’ second-hand charity store in Miramar, Wellington and were donations from residents in the region. Other titles were randomly selected or gifted to me personally for the project. I feel other works and mediums heavily informed this essay. I would like to give thanks to the complete works of Earth Wind & Fire, performance artist Joanne The Scammer, the 2016 NBA play-off season, my Netflix subscription, the music of DeBarge which I played for 4 weeks after Prince died because I couldn’t handle listening to Prince, the body positive models I see on Instagram who have helped rewire my conditioned brain, the tweets and essays I consume daily like the No-Face Kaonashi monster on Spirited Away, the cooking videos of J.Kenji Lopez-Alt, the cultural harmony of listening to Junglepussy and Princess Nokia relentlessly, everyone I love and meet who don’t hold back and my ancestors who force me to remove my filters and psychically helped with this essay. Trying to fit into this patriarchal colony and out-dated literary racket would be a disservice to them. Also thank you Eleanor for approving, publishing and supporting me with this scholarship. You’re a real one for that.


    Armstrong, A. Say It In Māori: The Māori Phrase Book Compiled by Alan Armstrong. NZ: Viking Sevenseas Ltd.

    Ashley, L (1989) The Laura Ashley Complete Guide to Home Decorating. US: Guild Publishing

    Baldwin, J. (1964) Blues For Mister Charlie. UK: Michael Joseph Ltd

    Brooks, David (2015) The Road To Character. UK: Penguin

    Browne, R & Ambrosetti, R. (1993) Continuities in Popular Culture: The Present in the Past and the

    Past in the Future. US: Bowling Green State University Popular Press

    Delaney, S. (1999)  Babel-17. UK: Millenium Press

    Downs, E.A. (1949) Everyday Samoan NZ: Southern Reprints

    Dr. Mann, Felix (1971) Acupuncture: Cure of Many Diseases UK: William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd.

    Dr Cabot, S. (1999) The Healthy Liver & Bowel Book. US: WHAS Publications

    Elliot, M. (2009) The Life And Times of Billy T. James. NZ: Harper Collins Publishers

    Fisher, M. (2012) Mindfulness & The Art of Managing Anger: Meditations of Clearing The Red Mist. UK: Ivy Press Ltd

    Gawain, Shakti (1978) Creative Visualization. US: New World Library

    Hamilton, D. (2015). I Love Me: The Science of Self Love. Hay House International  

    Hardy, Katherine (2008) Coronation Street, The Complete Saga. UK: Granada Media

    Hartley,  A (1995) The Psychology of Money. US: Hart Publishing

    Hirschfeld, G. (1998) Poetry: Living & Leaving. NZ: Steele Roberts

    Hyde, L. (1998) Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth & Art. US: Farrar, Strauss & Giroux

    Johfra. (1981) Astrology. BEL: Brepols Turnhout Publishing   

    Johnson, B. (2001) Kenwood Presents Creative Food Processor Cooking. UK: Simon & Schuster Ltd

    Johnson, S. (2010) Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. UK: Penguin Publishing.

    Jones, G. (2015) Grace Jones: I’ll Never Write My Memoirs. UK: Simon & Schuster

    Kawazone, N. Japanese Architecture. Published by the International Society for Educational Information Tokyo Japan.

    Krause, C. (2006) I Love Dick. US: Semiotext(e)

    Leinster, M. (1967) Miners In The Sky. UK: Sphere Books

    McEvoy, J.P & Zarate, O. (1999) Quantum Theory. Icon Books

    McSweeney’s Quarterly (2003) 12 New Stories. US: McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern

    Mead, M. (1928) Coming Of Age In Samoa. US: William Morrow & Company

    Milligan, S. (1972) The Goon Show Scripts. UK: First Sphere Books Ltd

    Moxley, J. (1992) Contemporary Crafts ‘Decoupage’. UK: Letts of London

    Nelm, H (1990) The Cardigan Welsh Corgi. UK: THF Publications.    

    Oswald, A. (2011) Memorial. UK: Faber & Faber Ltd

    Rankine, Claudia. (2014) Citizen: An American Lyric. UK: Penguin Random House

    Rev. Marsden, M. (2003) The Woven Universe: Selected Writings by Rev. Māori Marsden. NZ: The

    Estate of Rev. Māori Marsden

    Sahele, S. (2012) Journey With My Shadow: A Collection of Poetry. NZ: Self-published

    Sardar, Z and Abrams, I. (1999) An Introduction to Chaos. UK: Icon Books Ltd

    Snyder, Blake (2005) Save The Cat: The Last Book on Screenwriting That You’ll Ever Need. US: Michael Weise Productions

    Stevenson, R.L. (2014) The Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson: Uncollected Essays 1868-80 Edited by Richard Dury. UK: Edinburgh University Press

    Stine, R.L (1993) Goosebumps The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb. US: Scholastic Inc

    Tuwhare, H. (1997) No Ordinary Sun. NZ: John McIndoe Ltd

    Virtue, D & G. (2015) Angels of Abundance: Heaven’s 11 Messages to Help You Manifest Every Form of Abundance. UK: Astley House

    Wallace, Michele (1978) Black Macho And The Myth of The Super Woman. US: Dial Press

    Wallman, S. (2015) Ashtrain Hishtry Thru Plticl Crtoons. AUS: Printed 2015 For The Sticky Zine Fair Originally Published in the Lifted Brow

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