Lee Posna’s Reading List

  • Books Read (in chronological order)

    Calasso, Roberto. La Folie Baudelaire (2014, Penguin).

    Bacou, Roseline. Odilon Redon: Pastels (1987, G. Braziller).

    Gamboni, Dario. The Brush and the Pen: Odilon Redon and Literature (2011, U. of Chicago Press).

    Mallarme, Stephane; tr. Weinfeld, Henry. Collected Poems of Mallarme (2010, U. of California Press).

    Flam, Jack. Matisse, the man and his art, 1869-1918 (1986, Cornell U. Press).

    Valery, Paul; tr. Paul, David. The Collected Works of Paul Valery, Vol. 12: Degas, Monet, Morisot (1960, Pantheon Books).

    Becks-Malorny, Ulrike. Paul Cézanne, 1839-1906 : pioneer of modernism (2001, Taschen).

    Warncke, Carsten-Peter. Picasso (2006, Taschen).

    Valery, Paul; tr. Mathews, Jackson. Valery The Collected Works of Paul Valery, Vol. 13: Aesthetics (1960, Pantheon Books).

    Calasso, Roberto. Tiepolo Pink (2009, Knopf).

    Partsch, Susanna. Paul Klee, 1879-1940 (1993, Taschen).

    Stone, Irving (ed.) Dear Theo: the autobiography of Vincent Van Gogh (1995, Plume).

    Wildenstein, Daniel. Monet’s Years at Giverny: Beyond Impressionism (1979, Windward).

    Brown, Stephen. Edouard Vuillard: A Painter and His Muses 1890-1940 (2012, Yale U. Press).

    Makarius, Michel; tr. Clark, Charles Lynn. Vuillard (1989, Hazan).

    Shapiro, David. Mondrian: Flowers (1991, Harry N. Abrams).

    Reff, Theodore. ‘Painting and Theory in the Final Decade’ in Cezanne: The Late Works (1977, Museum of Modern Art).

    Gilmour, John C. ‘Improvisation in Cezanne’s Late Landscapes’. The journal of aesthetics and art criticism 2000, 191-204.

    Leopold. Rudolf. Egon Schiele: Landscapes (2007, Prestel).

    Benjamin, Walter; tr. Zohn, Harry. Charles Baudelaire: a lyric poet in the era of high capitalism (1073, NLB).

    Crary, Jonathan. Techniques of the Observer (1990, MIT Press).

    Badt, Kurt. The Art of Cezanne (1965, U. of California Press).

    Facos, Michelle; Mednick, Thor J. ed. The Symbolist Roots of Modern Art (2015, Ashgate).

    Rilke, Rainer Maria; tr. Agee, Joel. Letters on Cezanne (1985, Fromm International Pub. Corp.).

    Danchev, Alex. Cezanne: A Life (2012, Pantheon Books).

    Merleau-Ponty, Maurice; tr. Johnson, Galen A. ‘Cezanne’s Doubt’ in The Merleau-Ponty aesthetics reader: philosophy and painting (1993, Northwestern U. Press).

    Balzac, Honore; tr. Neff, Michael. The Unknown Masterpiece (1984, Creative Arts Books Co.).

    Barnes, Rachel. Cezanne (1992, Bracken Books).

    Sidlauskas, Susan. ‘Emotion, Color, Cezanne (The Portraits of Hortense)’. Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide Vol 3, Issue 2, Autumn 2004.

    AMory, Dita ed. Madame Cezanne (2014, Yale U. Press).

    Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, Nina M. Cezanne and Provence: The Painter in His Culture (2003, U. of Chicago Press).

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